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Tsunami warning for Mexico and Central America


An earthquake measured at a magnitude of 7.7 has been recorded in southern Mexico.

This is according to the US Geological Survey, USGS, according to Reuters. Tsunami warning for Mexico and Central America.

The Mexican earthquake center estimates the quake to a strength of 7.1.

US authorities have issued a tsunami warning that applies to Pacific-facing coastal areas in Mexico and Central America.

According to authorities, the earthquake has resulted in three meters high waves that can hit areas up to 1000 kilometers away from the epicenter.

The earthquake was so severe that it has shaken buildings in the capital, Mexico City, some 700 hundred kilometers from the quake’s epicenter.

The quake hit the southern state of Oaxaca, the Mexican earthquake center reports.

Witnesses told Reuters news agency that hundreds of people have walked out onto the streets of Mexico City after the buildings began to shake.

The same witnesses state that there is no immediate indication that the quake resulted in material damage, personal injury, or death in Mexico City.

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