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China is Replacing the United States as World Power: European Union

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EU Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell: ‘The balance of global power is shifting from the US to Asia’

EU Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell has said that the “Asian century” that experts were predicting may have appeared during the Corona epidemic and now the EU has handed over to China in its own interests. Will have to make a solid policy.

“Analysts have long been talking about the end of the US-led global system and the arrival of the Asian century,” Joseph Borrell told a conference of German diplomats on Monday.

“This is happening right in front of our eyes and we are under increasing pressure to choose one side,” he said.

He said there was evidence that China was replacing the United States as a world power and that the European Union needed to adopt a stronger policy towards China.

The statement from a senior EU diplomat came as China drafted new security rules to strengthen its grip on Hong Kong.

European Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell said the Code-19 epidemic would be seen as a turning point in history when the United States did not appear to be leading the world for decades. He said that due to the competition between the United States and China, international organizations were not able to play the role that was needed in this difficult time.

He said that the European Union must put its interests and values ​​first and avoid becoming a tool of anyone. He said Europe needs to cultivate a common strategic culture that it does not currently have.

“China’s rise is impressive, but the current EU-China relationship is not based on trust, transparency, and co-operation,” he said. “If we settle our issues with China with collective discipline, then we will have an opportunity,” he said.

“In the autumn, at the EU-China summit, we will have the opportunity to formulate our policy towards China with our interests in mind,” he added.

He said the European Union must adopt a strong policy towards China, which also requires better relations with other Asian democracies.

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