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Queen Elizabeth is Losing Millions of Dollars

Queen Elizabeth

The COVID-19 crisis has had financial consequences for people around the world.

Now the trip has come to Queen Elizabeth, who is about to lose a revenue of 150 million.

The United Kingdom’s 94-year-old regent usually has a sea of ​​visitors to his many castles, but as the crisis has closed, the monarch now stands to lose a large amount of both ticket and souvenir sales. That’s what The Sun writes.

It is the Queen’s Chamberlain who has warned employees in an email that they can expect a loss of approximately DKK 150 million, as well as announcing the termination of employment.

The email also says that salary increases should not be expected this year.

There are castles like Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Holyroodhouse that are extremely popular for tourists to visit, but which remain close due to the COVID-19.

It is not yet clear when the UK shutdown will be lifted, so the royal family can again welcome guests inside.

Last year, the English royal house earned just over £ 500 million on tourism.

Queen Elizabeth was recently able to celebrate her 94th birthday but has not been seen in public for long.

Of course, this is because she is part of the group that the health authorities refer to as ‘particularly vulnerable’ compared to COVID-19.

Most recently, author Andrew Morton predicted that you might never see Queen Elizabeth in public again.

Neither the Queen, her husband nor the throne follower has any official plans put into the royal calendar for the next three months, with the exception of a garden party organized by the Queen on July 1st. However, it is expected to be canceled.

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