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Karachi Plane Crash, Death Toll Rises to 73

Karachi plane crash

KARACHI PIA plane crashed near Karachi Airport, as a result of which 73 people were killed, 2 passengers of the plane miraculously survived, the Prime Minister has ordered an immediate investigation into the plane crash.

According to details, the Karachi plane crash in Jinnah Garden near Karachi Airport, killing 73 people. PIA flight PK8303 was coming from Lahore to Karachi. Civil Aviation declared an emergency when the plane crashed while civil aviation, rescue, and police teams reached the crash site.

As soon as the plane crashed, a terrible fire broke out and smoke spread all over the area. Houses were damaged and vehicles were destroyed at the crash site.

According to reports, the plane crashed in an empty space. There were more than 100 passengers in the plane Airbus 320. The captain reported a malfunction in the landing gear of the control tower and the plane disappeared from the radar while giving the guideline to the captain.

A PIA spokesperson has confirmed the crash of the Airbus 320 and PIA operational personnel have been called to duty. CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik has expressed deep sorrow over the sudden accident.

A PIA spokesman said civil aviation had 99 passengers and eight crew members on board.

DIG Noman Siddiqui said that 4 houses were destroyed on the ground due to the crash. The crash site was cordoned off and sealed completely.

The bodies of 8 people and 10 injured in the plane crash have been shifted to the hospital.

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