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5,000,561 People Have Been Diagnosed with Coronavirus


The United States is the country that has registered the most infected. Russia, Brazil and the UK are following suit.

Just over five million people have been registered as infected with coronavirus worldwide.

It shows a statement from Johns Hopkins University on Thursday morning.

Next comes Russia, Brazil, and the UK, which have 308,000, 291,000, and 249,000 registered cases of infection, respectively.

Not many months ago, the world saw the new coronavirus first discovered in China at the beginning of the year.

In the months that followed, it spread to large parts of the world, including Europe, wherein January France was one of the first countries to detect coronary infections.

Several other countries followed, and in Denmark the first case of infection was found on 27 February. On Wednesday – three months later – 11,117 were registered infected in Denmark.

The actual number of infected people is estimated to be higher, as not everyone who is infected with coronavirus gets tested.

The official infection rate continues to rise steadily. On February 4, it passed a million worldwide. On April 15, it exceeded two million. And on April 27 and May 10, it reached over three and four million registered infected, respectively.

So far, 328,000 coronary deaths have been recorded in the world.

In addition to being the country with the most recorded cases of infection, the United States is also the place with the most coronary deaths. 93,439 have died of coronavirus.

For a time it was otherwise Italy that was most affected by coronavirus with the most infected and dead.

After the virus’s epicenter was originally located in Wuhan province of China, it subsequently moved to Europe, which became the new epicenter for infection.

Spain, the United Kingdom, and France have also been particularly affected by a coronavirus in Europe.

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