Riot Games and Bungie sue cheat software maker

Riot Games

Riot Games and Bungie sue cheat software maker

Riot Games and Bungie sue cheat software maker. The creator of Gatorcheats is being sued by the two studios behind Valorant and Destiny 2 and are demanding the closure of the site, as well as damages.

Cheat software has become the bane of online FPS Riot games. They annoy both honest players and the creators of the games in which they are used. Recently, a software maker found itself in the sights of several studios: its name is Cameron Santos. He is the owner of several sites selling cheat software, like Gatorcheats. Many of its software was created and sold specifically for Riot Games Valorant and Bungie’s Destiny 2. This is why Riot Games and Bungie have decided to join forces in this battle and have filed a joint complaint against Cameron Santos to stop distributing its software.

The most commonly used software are aimbots (automatic aiming), trigger bots (automatic fire as soon as any enemy enters the field of view), ESP (allow you to see enemies through walls), and teleportation software. or instant reappearance. If this software is created to improve the stats of the player who uses it and help them win, it actually puts a damper on all those who play honestly, and on development studios that suffer from bad luck. reputation and a growing shortfall, which would reach ” millions of dollars  “. Most of them are offered at exorbitant prices, ranging from $ 90 up to $ 500.

Cameron Santos had already received an injunction from Bungie and, last September, Activision had managed to shut down the Gatorcheats site dedicated to Call of Duty software. But Cameron Santos continued to sell his software through social media and a private section of his site. With the case currently being dealt with in California courts, Riot Games, Bungie as well as serious Valorant and Destiny 2 players hoping to quickly find a fair game environment for everyone.

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