GTA San Andreas: recreating the trailer with PS5 graphics

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas: recreating the trailer with PS5 graphics

GTA San Andreas is considered by far the best title in the Rockstar franchise. Starring the iconic character CJ, it was released in 2004 and, since the last generation, many players have dreamed of a remake of the title. Because of this desire, a YouTube channel recreated the game trailer with current graphics, as if it were a PS5 release. Check it out below:

The video shows the GTA San Andreas launch trailer with a redesigned look as if it were a remaster. Although the characters are still somewhat pixelated, the setting and other elements of the trailer bring improved graphics, especially in relation to the effects of shadow and light.

Interestingly, the channel also placed game introductions when they are released for Sony platforms, implying that the remake would be exclusive to the PS5. Of course, it is all a joke.

The XXII is popularly known for being a video channel about GTA. In it, there is video playing scenes from games and movies in GTA 5, as well as tips, tutorials, and, of course, a recreation of trailers for other games in the franchise.

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