COD Black Ops Cold War integration is little appreciated

Black Ops Cold War

COD Black Ops Cold War integration is little appreciated

While the two games have had progression and weapons in common for three weeks, players are increasingly annoyed by the excessive use of the DMR 14, deemed too powerful and unevenly usable compared to the others. weapons. Call of Duty gamers is generally unhappy with the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone merger, which began before Christmas. Since this association, the players seem to favor three weapons: the DMR 14, the Mac 10, and the Type 63. Corrective patches were made but it is with anger that they were greeted, judged too superficial. The long-awaited and slated Jan.6 nerf disappointed a lot of players who expected more from the DMR 14. They all had the same feeling that the weapon was still just as powerful, with the same rapid rate of fire, and therefore the same ease of killing. Some even add that the weapon’s recoil is easier to control when the purpose of the nerf was to increase it.

It is therefore undoubtedly a failure for Raven Software, who wanted to reassure Warzone players about these weapons. In addition, the nerfs of these weapons only affect the Warzone game, and do not affect Black Ops Cold War. It is therefore very difficult for players to understand the proposed merger, which is not really one, on the part of Activision. Originally marketed as two separate games, it’s hard to understand, for example, why some BO Cold War skins are only available by playing Warzone. What displeases so much is that Warzone is treated as a simple game mode, Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare before it, while it is a very different game and completely apart, despite the fact that ‘they appear side by side in the games home screen.

No nerves, but new features!

Black Ops Cold War will see a mid-season update, but there are no fixes planned for the Warzone as of yet. As it took several weeks for the DMR to be patched for the first time, we do not expect to have another fix in the coming days. However, there will be a new Fireteam map called Sanatorium, the new 6v6 “Dropkicks” multiplayer mode, as well as the new “Cranked” zombie mode where each zombie killed resets the game countdown. These novelties are expected on January 14.

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