Wifi, soon available on the Moon?


Wifi, soon available on the Moon?

Wifi, soon available on the moon. A team of scientists from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia is working closely with researchers at the University of Colorado to develop a wireless network on the moon. 

This project is one of many studies underway for the next Artemis mission, which calls for the return of a human crew to the Moon in 2024, Global News reported.

“The crew members could pick up their phones and call home. They could text their children from the lunar surface from these phones, ”University of Colorado researcher Kevin Gifford said in an interview with the media.

Nokia Bell Laboratories have been mandated to create an LTE, Wifi cellular test network on the Moon by 2022, Global News said.

And some of that testing work has been assigned to PolyLAB for Advanced Collaborative Networking at Simon Fraser University, which is currently performing testing at the Harbor Center in Vancouver, in conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency.

“This is what will allow us to build the scale of the technical standards necessary to bring the cellular networks out of Earth and enter the solar system,” Stephen Braham, director of PolyLAB, explained in a statement.

But before that can happen, it will be necessary to stabilize LTE, 4G, and wifi connections that will work in space, as well as verify that the technology will work between different space agencies and their equipment.

The federal government announced Wednesday that Canada will participate with the United States in the construction of a space station revolving around the moon.

With this agreement, Canada becomes the second country to send an astronaut into space and fly around the satellite.

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