Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30): release, price, features

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30): release, price, features … all you need to know

We summarize everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S30), the next flagship of the South Korean manufacturer expected at the turn at the beginning of the year 2021.

In a few weeks, Samsung will lift the veil on its latest flagship, the Galaxy S21 (or, as some rumors call it, the Galaxy S30). And since this is also the year when Samsung should definitely give up on the Galaxy Note, the South Korean firm could take the opportunity to give more arguments to its flagship. Here, we compile all the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S21, from its supposed presentation date to its release date, its design, or its performance in photos!

Samsung galaxy S21
Credits: Samsung via Android Police

This article was updated on December 24th based on new pricing information. 

Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30?

To mark the year 2020, Samsung had changed its nomenclature and moved from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20. However, the question arises this year, where rumors sometimes speak of a Galaxy S21, sometimes of a Galaxy S30. These hallways noises nevertheless lean towards the name Galaxy S21, which is why we will use it mainly to designate the smartphone in this file.

What design will we find on the Galaxy S21?

In 2021, Samsung will be able to largely review its copy compared to the Galaxy S20 and offer a whole new look to its Galaxy S21. Android Police has just got their hands on short videos from Samsung’s official teaser, which corroborate previous leaks about the smartphone, including its photo block overflowing on the edge of the brand new color Phantom Violet. There are also three other colors: gray, pink and white, on the Galaxy S21 and S21 +, and black and silver on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The front of the smartphone would not change much next year with still this punched flat panel. It is especially on the back and on the edges that Samsung could do in the originality, with a brand new photo unit which is more reminiscent of the one already seen on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra than that of the Galaxy S20. However, not all models should be in the same boat. While we expect the Galaxy S21 with a plastic back – just like the Galaxy Note 20 – the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra are rather expected with glass backs.

S21, S30
Credits: Samsung via Android Police

What screen will the Galaxy S21 offer?

Like last year, Samsung should decline its flagship smartphone in three models. We would find a first Galaxy S21 equipped with a 6.2-inch screen, a Galaxy S21 + with a 6.7-inch screen, and finally, a Galaxy S21 Ultra with a huge 6.8 or 6.9-inch screen. All these models should take the legacy of the Galaxy S20, the first smartphone to have introduced a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and we would also find a QHD + resolution as well as the HDR10 +. And like the previous year, Samsung does not intend to equip its smartphones with curved screens. Only the Galaxy S21 Ultra might have a slight curvature.

What performance can you expect from the Galaxy S21?

To equip its next flagship internationally, Samsung should bet on the Snapdragon 888, the latest high-end SoC recently unveiled by Qualcomm. Nevertheless, in Europe, Samsung has made a habit of equipping its flagships with chips of its design. This was the case on the Galaxy S20, but also on the Galaxy Note 20. Unlike other markets, we could therefore be entitled to an Exyos 2100 SoC, the latest processor made in Samsung. The latter could nevertheless prove to be very powerful, since it is engraved in 5 nm just like the Snapdragon 888 or the Apple A14. The doubt remains because Samsung has indeed placed SoC from Qualcomm on its latest Galaxy S20 FE in Europe.

What autonomy can you expect from the Galaxy S21?

On the autonomous side, each model will not be equal. The Galaxy S21 should carry a 4000 mAh battery, against 4800 mAh on the Galaxy S21 +, and finally, 5000 mAh on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Obviously, the size of the battery is not everything, and it will be necessary to see in use if the autonomy of these smartphones will be good, while the Galaxy S20 was somewhat disappointing on this side, especially on the European versions equipped with ‘an Exynos SoC.

Galaxy S21: a future killer in photos?

Each Galaxy S21 model should look different from the others in the photo. While the Galaxy S21 would ship a photo block made up of three sensors: a 12 MP main module, a 12 MP wide-angle and a 64 MP telephoto lens – the Galaxy S21 + should add a periscopic telephoto lens to the equation. The third variant of the smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, should nevertheless be much better equipped than its little brothers. It is expected with the main sensor of 108 MP, an ultra-wide-angle of 12 MP, a 10x zoom of 10 MP, and a second 3x zoom of 10 MP, according to early rumors. Like last year on the S20s, all Galaxy S21 models should be able to shoot in 8K.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Credit: Voice x OnLeaks

Will the Galaxy S21 Ultra be entitled to the S-Pen?

Formerly reserved only for the Samsung Galaxy Note, the stylus could soon become the preserve of other high-end models offered by the manufacturer, now that Samsung could abandon its famous phablet range. Some rumors have thus emerged to indicate that the famous S-Pen could land on other ranges, including, in particular, the most imposing of the Galaxy S, the future  Galaxy S21 Ultra . This rumor was practically confirmed by TM Roh, president of the mobile section at Samsung, by unveiling the brand’s roadmap in a blog post. We learn once again that the firm intends to extend S-Pen support to “other devices in our range” , including, undoubtedly, at least one of the next Galaxy S21 (certainly the model “Ultra” ).

What release date for the Galaxy S21?

For now, the Galaxy S21 release date remains a big question mark. Nevertheless, according to many fairly strong rumors, Samsung would consider launching its flagships earlier in 2021. Thus, while the firm usually presents its range of Galaxy S around February / March, Samsung would have brought its presentation conference forward to January 14, 2021 Logically, the entire Galaxy S21 range should be available for pre-order at the end of the presentation, with marketing expected on January 29.

At what price will the Galaxy S21 be sold?

Rumors about prices are to be taken with even more caution than others because they can always change at the last moment. If prices tend to increase each year, according to the leaker Ishan Argwal they could fall by fifty euros on the S21 and S21 + to 849 and 1049 euros respectively. Reverse movement for the Ultra version: 1399 euros against 1349 previously. Note that, just like Apple with its iPhone 12, Samsung would consider not including the charger unit in the box of its next flagships.


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