Playing Nintendo Switch games on Mac is now (almost) possible

Nintendo Switch games on Mac

Playing Nintendo Switch games on Mac is now (almost) possible

Playing Nintendo Switch games on Mac M1 is now (almost) possible. A developer shares his feat on Twitter. He succeeded in creating an emulator that allows you to play the Japanese firm’s products on Apple brand PCs.

Playing Animal Crossing on your Mac M1 might soon be possible. At least that’s what a developer suggests on Twitter. Daeken achieved the feat of launching Super Mario Odyssey on his Macbook Pro M1, thanks to the open-source emulator Yuzu. Developed by the creators of Citra, and designed for the Nintendo 3DS, this emulator is available for download from the official website: yuzu-emu.org. Widely used by players on Switch since the release of the console, it was then only compatible with Windows and Linux PCs. Daeken managed to bypass this restriction by using MoltenVK. This software library allows Vulkan applications to run on Apple Metal graphics cards on macOS, iOS, and tvOS operating systems.

In the video, available on Twitter, the developer launches the emulator and chooses to play Super Mario Odyssey. The main menu is thus displayed and leaves the choice to the user to play immediately or to play in assistance mode. When deciding to directly launch the game, the user faces the Molten VK limitation. So he still has some progress to make, but that’s already good news. The Switch controllers are also compatible, which will allow you to make the most of the experience. It will therefore be necessary to keep an eye open to see if other titles will be fully playable. For Windows or Linux PC users, you can find the list of titles compatible with Yuzu on the official website, as well as the procedure to follow for the launch. We find in particular Resident Evil 6, marked perfect on the site, or Mario, and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics. On the other hand, don’t expect to be able to play Doom 3 since only the intro and the menu are accessible.

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