Google and Facebook coordinated their response


Google and Facebook coordinated their response to an antitrust investigation

Google and Facebook have worked together to prepare their defense against an investigation into possible anti-competitive practices in the online advertising industry, according to an article published Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal.

The American daily, which was able to consult the uncensored version of the complaint filed last week by ten American states, affirms that the two technological giants have agreed to “cooperate and help each other” in order to respond to the investigations.

The lawsuit is one of three separate legal actions launched in two months by state and federal authorities against Google in the United States. 

Facebook is also the subject of a complaint relating to the acquisition of the Instagram photo-sharing application and WhatsApp instant messaging.

Mark Zuckerberg’s group has ensured that its agreements with Google were not intended to hurt competition, but rather to offer more choice to advertisers and publishers.

“Any claim that this is harming competition or any suggestion of misconduct by Facebook is baseless,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Google did not immediately react to a solicitation from AFP. 

The Wall Street Journal indicates that the Californian giant also rejects accusations of an illegal or exclusive agreement with Facebook. 

According to the daily, the uncensored version of the complaint specified that Facebook would be assigned a “predefined percentage” of Google’s advertising bids and that an internal document from the social media giant described the deal as “rather cheap”. 

Internal Google documents, also withdrawn from the final version of the complaint, indicated that the agreement would “create a ditch” to avoid entering into direct competition with Facebook.

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