Apple, Samsung could offer phones without chargers

phones without chargers

After mocking Apple, Samsung could offer phones without chargers

It’s a bit of the sprinkler watered. A few months after posting an ad that blatantly mocked Apple and its phones without chargers, Samsung was forced to remove it. The Korean firm would visibly take the same direction as the Apple brand for its next smartphone.

Another failed communication coup for Samsung. The firm, which has become accustomed to mocking new Apple smartphones, has once again been caught up in its own game. The Korean giant has just removed a recent advertisement, which openly mocked Apple and its phone sold without a charger. Posted last October, the photo of the power cable came with an ironic description, to say the least. “Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. From the most basic charger to the best camera ”.

A few months later, Samsung is forced to backtrack by deleting the photo. The brand undoubtedly wanted to do it in all discretion, but it is still missed. This deletion would be for many a clue on the direction the brand will take for its Galaxy S21. Apple had explained its choice as an ecological initiative that aimed to reduce electronic waste and to promote the use of old cables for its new telephone, phones without chargers. An approach certainly interesting, but which had above all underline the mercantile side of the mark. The firm had removed the charger from its boxes but also changed at the same time the USB-A brick to USB-C, rendering its approach obsolete. Apple, on the other hand, was inclined to offer chargers for $ 20 to those who did not have the right plug. Samsung should do better since the Galaxy S21 will use a standard USB-C cable as was already the case on its previous models. Samsung, therefore, saves honors.

This is not the first time that Samsung has been forced to backpedal after having openly mocked its competitor. During the launch of its Galaxy Note 10, the brand had also removed an advertisement mocking the iPhone X which was then the first smartphone delivered without a jack plug.


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