US congress passed 2020 federal budget

US Congress

US House of Representatives approved a budget for a day

The House of Representatives of the US Congress on Sunday, December 20, approved an interim budget for one more day. The meeting was broadcast on the C-SPAN TV channel.

The document was supported by 329 congressmen, 65 opposed.

In the near future, a similar initiative should be approved by the Senate of the Congress, after which the document will go for the signature to President Donald Trump.

The previous resolution on financing the activities of state institutions expires on the night of December 21 (08:00 Moscow time on December 21).

A one-day delay will allow Congress to finalize the budget deal.

Legislators were unable to agree on a full-fledged budget by October 1, when the U.S. began fiscal 2021. As a result, several resolutions have already been adopted on the extension of funding for state institutions. The latter, for two days, was signed by US President Donald Trump on December 18.

Earlier on Sunday, Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress were able to reconcile differences and reach an agreement on a new package of measures to stimulate economic growth in the country amid a pandemic of almost $ 900 billion, TASS reported.

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