United States announced the appearance of space guards

space guards

The United States announced the appearance of space guards

The United States announced the space guards. US Space Force members will be called guardians. This was announced on Friday, December 18, by Vice President Mike Pence at a ceremony at the White House, which celebrated the year since the creation of the Space Force.

This title refers to fantastic works, in particular, the series of comics and superhero films “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

“It is a great honor for me to announce on behalf of the President of the United States that henceforth men and women serving in the US Space Force will be called guards,” Pence quoted CNN as saying.

Space Forces said on Twitter that the name was chosen from hundreds of proposals and after polls both within the new branch of the military and among the public.

Earlier, on December 10, the text of the new US national space strategy was released. In particular, it says that outer space is becoming a potential arena for military operations between the United States and its adversaries, so Washington must be ready, if necessary, to repel aggression in space.

This task must be taken up by the US Space Force. It is emphasized that space has become a sphere of “warfare”, which occurs due to the desire of US rivals to challenge Washington.

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