Missiles hit US airbase in Afghanistan

US airbase

Missiles hit US airbase in Afghanistan

Four missiles attacked the US Air Force Bagram US airbase near the Afghan settlement of the same name in Parwan province. This was announced on December 19 by the ToloNews TV channel with reference to the local authorities.

The rockets were fired from the Kalandarchil area. The launch took place from a truck found by law enforcement officers. In total, it contained ten BM-12 missiles. Security officials prevented the launch of six of them.

Details about possible damage to the base as a result of rocket attacks are not provided.

At least six Afghan contractors working at Bagram US airbase were killed on Thursday. Upon returning home at around 9:40 pm, they were attacked by militants “associated with the Taliban,” local officials said.

On December 1, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced that a car of the Russian diplomatic mission was blown up by a bomb in Kabul, and diplomats received a light concussion.

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