Tesla is putting hackers in the wheels

hackers in the wheels

The auto firm has rolled out a software update to try to deter hackers from boosting the performance of their cars at a lower cost.

Tesla has gone to war with some of its customers who would rather use cheaper third-party services to boost the performance of their vehicles, rather than buying the automaker’s official options. The electric vehicle firm has deployed a software update numbered 2020.32.1 for Model 3 cars in order to counter the practice of these hackers. Hackers in the wheels use, at their own risk, a tool marketed by the Canadian company Ingenext that increases vehicle performance by bypassing Tesla’s limitations. The box, which provides an additional 50 hp, is able to reduce the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h to 3.8 seconds instead of 4.4 seconds. It is also able to activate a special drive mode that deactivates traction control while maintaining the ABS system and power steering. The whole thing is sold about half the price of the roughly $ 2,000 Tesla normally charges for the Model 3 with Dual Motor all-wheel drive.

Hackers who installed the latest Tesla update now find themselves with the notification “incompatible vehicle modification detected”, and the warning of a “potential risk of damage or shutdown” permanently displayed on their screen. edge. However, this would not affect the operation of the vehicle, reports the Electrek site.

The cat and mouse game has only just begun. The company Ingenext has already announced that it has planned a fix for its software solution. It should be ready in “one to two weeks”. hackers in the wheels

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