Biden wins Pennsylvania and is new president

Biden wins

Biden wins Pennsylvania and is new president

Biden wins Pennsylvania and is new president. Both CCN’s, AP’s and NBC’s forecasts show that Biden is the new president of the United States after victory in Pennsylvania.

Democrat Joe Biden wins the state of Pennsylvania and thus the US presidential election.

It shows forecasts from CNN, NBC and the news agency AP. No final results are available yet, but the forecasts are considered reliable.

According to the AP, Biden stands with 284 voters with the victory. It takes 270 to become president.

According to CNN, Biden reaches 273 voters. That’s because CNN, unlike the AP, has not declared Biden the winner of Arizona, which has 11 voters. 

With the election victory, Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States. At the same time, he will be the oldest president ever when he takes office after President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has not acknowledged the defeat. 

– I won this election. Great, he wrote. 

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