The “Spice Girls” want to persuade Victoria Beckham to reunion

Spice girls

Mel C thinks that “she’ll come back to us someday”

Can “Spice Girls” fans have hope of a reunion of all five members again? Victoria Beckham (46) was not there on her last tour in 2019. “Posh Spice” now prefers to take care of her career as a designer. Ex-band colleague Mel C (46) is hopeful, however, according to a report by the British Daily Mail. “We like to think that she will come back to us at some point,” the singer is said to have said.

Victoria Beckham seems to have other plans

It is said that the “Spice Girls” are planning a big tour on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. Will Mel C, Emma Bunton (44), Mel B (45), Geri Halliwell (48), and Victoria Beckham be back on stage together? Victoria is said to have already taken on the next non-musical project: The designer probably wants to tackle the luxury sector in the baking market as the next business idea. Fitting, because her husband, David Beckham (45), is also an enthusiastic cook. 

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