Stefanie Giesinger becomes a naked alien bride

Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie Giesinger: Through model life with self-confidence

In the six years after her victory at “Germany’s Next Top Model”, Stefanie Giesinger (24) learned to stand by her body and to love and showcase her shape. Even from their cellulite makes no secret Stefanie and at age 24 is the model so confident, as are other colleagues even after years in the spotlight not. Stefanie proves this with a current photo on Instagram in which she becomes a hot alien.

For what purpose were these pictures created?

Stefanie hides her pretty face behind an ugly alien grimace, her body is wrapped in silver body paint. The chest and genital area were also not covered during this shoot and only concealed for uploading to Instagram. Pretty sexy! But for what purpose were these recordings made? Well for art, of course! Stefanie explains this in the caption to the two photos that were taken as part of a friend’s art exhibition.

Stefanie’s naked truth is extremely well received by other former “GNTM” participants. Elena Carriere writes: “Love this series”, and Toni Dreher-Adenuga also celebrates the photo series. Would the girls have wished for an extraterrestrial photoshoot à la Stefanie for their participation in “GNTM”?

Rapper Shirin David also likes the crazy sight, she gives the posting a heart. Blogger Riccardo Simonetti thinks it’s “Geil!” And Giesinger boyfriend Marcus Butler becomes a nerd: “Avatar”.




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