Playboy model is dead: naked at beach

playboy model is dead

“Playboy” model is dead: Galina Fedorova found naked off the coast of Sardinia

“Playboy” model Galina Fedorova died at the age of 35

It was just supposed to be a normal boat trip off the coast of Sardinia – but Galina Fedorowa († 35) never came back from it! The “Playboy” model was found dead from the sea. Was alcohol involved?

The boat drifted away without an anchor

Together with her photographer friend Gerenius Tawarow, the Russian was on a rubber dinghy off the island’s south coast, near the Sardinian city of Teulada. According to the photographer, the two wanted to take a short dip in the sea – when suddenly the anchor loosened and the boat drifted away. Tawarow made it ashore on his own, the “Playboy” model not. She was found dead on September 5, with no clothes on, near a NATO base that is not open to the public.

The photographer is under investigation

Initial investigations are said to have shown that Galina Fedorova drowned. Nevertheless, the photographer is being investigated for negligent homicide. The prosecution found a lot of bottles of liquor on the drifting boat after the accident. Their personal belongings – cell phones, a camera, a laptop, and a drone – have been confiscated.

Porn “scandal”? “Prince Charming”



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