Trump: “The democrats will use COVID to steal the elections”

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The president’s address at the Republican convention in Charlotte. Party delegates officially reconfirmed him as a White House candidate for elections

 “The Democrats want to use COVID to steal our elections” Donald Trump monopolizes the Republican Convention which today, Monday 24 August, confirmed his nomination in a plebiscite. The president showed up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and spoke for nearly an hour in front of the delegates, most of them, of course, without a mask. In fact, he anticipated the “acceptance speech” scheduled for Thursday 27.

Trump harshly attacked Barack Obama, who accused him of “wanting to destroy democracy” at the Democratic convention last week. «These (the Democrats ed.) Can only win the elections if they steal them from us with a postal vote. They tried in 2016, spying on our election campaign. But we surprised them with their hands in the bag. Obama was involved. Joe Biden was involved. ‘ The American leader dwelt at length on voting by mail: «It risks becoming the biggest scam in history. There is no guarantee that our system will be able to handle 80 million cards sent by post. And who can avoid the scams? Do you know how it works? The governors send the ballots, then the democratic militants will present themselves house by house, especially in the homes of citizens who have never voted or who have no intention of voting. They will be able to collect the cards and send them. Do you think that there will be no way even to check the authenticity of the signatures?

All statements repeatedly denied by various governors and by the leaders of the post office: there are all conditions for the procedures to be regular.

Trump has alternated the promotion of the “incredible results achieved by the administration” to direct polemics with opponents. He claimed successes in the fight against the pandemic, starting from the announcement on Sunday 23 August: the Food and Drug Administration authorized the use of plasma from convalescents to treat Covid-19 patients. But when it comes to dealing with the numbers, the president continues his journey in a parallel dimension to reality: “We are doing very well, the pandemic is under control”. Soon “extraordinary news on vaccines will arrive. Nobody would have been able to do better than us ». And then again the list of “achieved goals”: <We have downsized China; defeated ISIS, killed Soleimani (The Iranian general ed) and the leader of the terrorist’s Al Baghdadi; tax cuts and bureaucracy; built the wall; redone the most disadvantageous trade agreements; appointed about 300 federal judges; put the army back on its feet. “

Shortly before, Deputy Mike Pence had said that in the upcoming elections “the economy and the concept of law and order are at stake”. Trump concluded by warning the base: «If Biden wins you will find a country in the hands of China, you will find yourself with quadrupled taxes, you will find yourself without police to protect you, you will find yourself without energy for industries and houses; you will find yourself without the Second Amendment, which allows you to keep your weapons. ‘

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