Microsoft supports Epic Games against Apple

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Is the company trying to avenge the Project xCloud blocking on iOS?

Microsoft has pledged to support  Epic Games in the growing battle against Apple. The company motivates its decision by the fact that the Unreal Engine, which has fallen under the flywheel of Apple’s repression, and whose access to its tools will be lost by game developers for Mac and iOS on August 28, should not become a bargaining chip in this conflict. 

According to Microsoft Apple is thus jeopardizing many small studios developing games for mobile devices running iOS on one of the most popular engines in the world. Also, many studios will have problems with supporting already released projects, which in turn will affect ordinary users. 

“If the Unreal Engine loses support for iOS and macOS games, then Microsoft will have a choice: keep users and potential buyers on iOS and macOS, or look for another engine in preparation for developing new games,”  says  Microsoft.

Earlier, Apple did not allow Microsoft to release the cloud service Project xCloud in the App Store. Apple attributed the blocking to the inability to check every game that appears for xCloud in Game Pass.

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